Thursday, 23 October 2014

Press Release: Street culture Creative Hustle pops up in Cape Town

Next month Live SA and British Council Connect ZA will host the next instalment of their popular Creative Hustle event series in Cape Town in partnership with lifestyle concept store, Boaston Society, and creative collective, Jam that Session.

The hustle will take over Boaston Society’s space in Long Street in Cape Town on Thursday 27 November and feature a panel discussion with young people and brands who are making waves in music and fashion street culture.


Boaston Society founder Elisha Mpofu @boastonsociety
Jam That Session co-founder Obie Mavuso @JamThat_Sesh
Head Honcho Clothing founder Nick Kaoma @nick_kaoma
2Bop Clothing co-founder Anthony Smith @2bop
Illustrator and graphic designer Clara Ilena @ClaraIlena
And People lead creative Kim Smith
Hashtag Radio and SABC 2’s Roughing It Out presenter Vuyolwethu Dubese@VDubese (Facilitator)

Look out for live performances from hip hop artist Andy Mkosi and backpack emcee Sabz, an interaction with a live street art wall by Clara Ilena as well as merchandise from pop up stalls.

British Council Connect ZA’s Levina Jones says this hustle questions who determines what makes street culture; how street culture and the wider creative sector work alongside each other, through collaborations or co-operations; and is there a way for high end creative movements and pop up kasi street culture to support each other positively?”

Live SA’s Sid Sidwaba adds: “We also want to explore whether street culture lends itself more to collaborations with new or established brands and how technology has facilitated greater access to global street culture.”

The Creative Hustle: Street Culture Pop-Up event takes place at Boaston Society, 55 Long Street, 2nd Floor in Cape Town on Thursday 27 November 2014 from 4.30pm to 7.30pm. It is free to attend for 18 to 35 year olds, however you must reserve your place to attend at

Presented by Live SA and British Council Connect ZA, Creative Hustles are an event series for 18-to-35-year-olds, providing a platform for up-and-coming creatives to connect and build relationships with established industry professionals. For more information, visit #creativehustles.

This project is part of SA-UK Seasons 2014 & 2015 which is a partnership between the Department of Arts and Culture, South Africa and the British Council.


Thursday, 16 October 2014

What I wore last week #VeziThangaWeek

Last week, the plan was to wear mini-skirts for the whole week... Soo sad I had to cut it short because of this jealous weather :( 

This week I'm doing #DressWeek, will share the pic(s) next week. 

All clothing items from Mr Price! 

Thursday, 9 October 2014

10 types of girls every guy dates before finding the one.

I know most of our fellow brothers will be happy about this post, since I did the "10 Guys" post last week, which was mostly for the ladies. Well guys this one is for you... ladies, you can also read through to find out what type of girl are you. 

1. DADDY's Girl 

This girl may be 25 or 30 years old, she still spends most of her free time with daddy. Not only does daddy play Minister of Finance, but he's also the first guy she calls when her car breaks down, her boss yells at her or even when she gets an extra ticket for a concert. Hol'up... isn't that supposed to be your role? 

2. The PARTY girl

This girl always knows where the party is. Not only that, but she has friends wherever you go, and they all have funny stories about that time she got wasted and made out with other people's boyfriends. Then, what do you know, you find her in a closet doing the same thing when she was supposed to be in a relationship with you. You try to dump her but she's too busy making out with that random guy to listen. 

Kwaaaaaaaa this is so me! 

3.  The STRAIGHT A student. 

This girl is super smart and it would be great to talk to her... if she ever had time to talk. She is involved in every kind of campus project / activities, whether it be for first years or post graduates, she's there. Oh, and most of all, she's more committed to her study group than she is to you. 


So what did you really mean when you said "nice shirt" to that girl? Were you looking at her boobs? Are her boobs better than mine? Let me check your phone, did you take her numbers? Then you end things by telling her that you have a horrible terminal disease because you're scared of the repercussions lol.

5. GOSSIP girl

This girl can talk for daysss! She talks about her friends, her friend's friend, her friend's boyfriend and that guy's cousin. All of her stories seem to be about someone in a bad situation that she can pretend to empathize with while she secretly acts better than them. You break up with her after fantasizing about Miss JEALOUSY, who at least focused all her attention on you. 


This girl and your mom get along like custard and jelly. She has your mom dropping hints about how it's time to settle down and she on the other hand is always talking about how awesome your mom is. But to be honest, your mom has more chemistry with this girl than you do. 

7. The ANXIETY case

This girl is worried and nervous about e-very-thing. When you go clubbing, she worries about her drink being spiked. When you're out ice-skating, she worries about breaking a leg. When you want to go on vacation, she is nervous about flying. So you book her in with a therapist or Mam Angie and say "Hasta la vista" baybay! 


This girl is exciting and it's never boring to be around her. But soon you realize that it's exhausting to ride on her emotional roller coaster every day. Then you start missing the anxiety case, at least she was consistent. 


You are not sure if what she's wearing is a shirt or a dress, not sure what's happening with her hair or make-up, but you know whatever it is, it's right on trend. It's all fun and games until she starts throwing out some of your favourite clothes in an attempt to make you more edgier. So, you have to say goodbye. 


This girl is so hot that you don't even believe that you're dating her. You feel like she's way out of your league. Your friends are envious and guy's heads turn when she walks into the room. It's pretty cool until you realize you don't have much to talk about since you have nothing in common. While you're in the middle of breaking up with her a guy in a BMW passes by and asks her out on a date. 

Fellas...which of these girls have you dated? And ladies, which one of these girls are you? Drop me a comment on the box below. 

Signing Out 

Love is Faith

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10 Types of Guys Almost Every Woman Dates Before Finding "The One"

I'm not sure if I believe in this idea of finding "the one" but I really enjoyed this article that I found HERE talking about the different types of guys women should / would date before settling with ''The One''. So, as I was reading, I realized that shit, I've dated quite a few guys on this list lol - so, here it goes ladies, some of these men will sound familiar. 

1. The HOT guy

Super attractive, women's heads turn when you walk into a club / party with him and it makes your feel like the baddest B in the building when that happens. Until you overhear people asking how did he end up with her lol, then you quickly move on. Also, he focuses on himself too much. 

Yeah, I've been there, done that. The one I dated made me feel like taking my panties off every time I saw him lol.  

2. The COOL guy 

This guy has heard of bands, clubs, booze and been to countries you've never been to. He knows everything that's on trend and you know by what he's wearing right now what guys will be wearing next year. To be honest it's a little too exhausting to be dating him, I mean you have to buy a whole new wardrobe and keep up with the latest trends. 

Luckily for me, I've never been attracted to these kind of guys. But, I'm not saying I don't look lol. 

3. The AMBITIOUS guy

Your mom loves this one. He has an internship or is working at some big corporate company or he's in academics working towards his PhD at the age of 26... I mean, you barely even see him. 

I think this is my situation at the moment lol, but I'm loving it. More free time on my hands lol. 

4. The BRILLIANT guy

This guy reads 3 books a day and still has time to analyze the latest situation in politics. He has time for both leisure and work because his leisure is reading books. So, you end up thinking about the ''HOT Guy'' again then you leave. 

I'm glad I haven't even met a BRILLIANT guy lol. 


This is the guy who's had a crush on you since Primary School, just like the Chuck and Blaire situation on Gossip Girl. Then later you find out that guy is obsessed with you that time you're still lukewarm, so you let him down gently and move on. 

Been there, done that and it was painful looking at his pretty face and telling him thee famous words: ''It's not you it's me''. But, we're cool now, he's moved on, has a baby and I heard some talks of him getting married, I'm really happy for him. 

6. The PARTY Guy 

You met this guy at a party, then you met him again at another party and another party almost every time you decide to go out, you'll definitely bump into this guy. Then you start thinking (because we ladies, are gullible creatures) maybe we're meant to be together - then you realize than nah, it's not fate he just goes out a lot! He's also always wasted then you start missing the brilliant guy lol. 

I think I have a guy that I know I'm going to be seeing, by this I mean making out with at the club, party or house party I decide to attend lol. You know, it's like when your friends host a party and you ask '' Is X gonna be there?'' lol!


Your friends are excited about this one too. You find him online, or someone sets you up, he works for the best company is good looking and has a pocket full of dough lol but you don't feel the spark and then let him down easily. Then your friends get into a mild panic because they were crazy about the guy. 

Nah, not me. None of my friends have set me up with a guy come think of it. *Feeling let down*. 

8. The guy in a BAND or CELEB

This guys seems really awesome, especially when writes a song about you or mentions you in an interview on TV... but then you realize that his primary job is playing a guitar at his friend's garage or if he's a celeb, you start asking your self ''what does he really do besides appearing on TV''? So, you end up missing the AMBITIOUS guy and eventually leave. 

This ish is true, I recently dated a guy I've know from back in high school and in the early stages  of the relationship I realized that hol'up this Hip-Hop crew thing that he's a part of is not a side gig... it's his ONLY gig, then I left lol. 

9. The OLDER guy

It's refreshing to be with a guy what restaurants are good, a guy you can have a proper conversation with and talk about real stuff. This guy is also a great kisser (because he's been around lol) and very smart. But then, he sometimes gets too serious and you end up feeling like you're dating your dad... so you start avoiding him till he moves on. 

Been there, done that but only for the money. Yes, I did it for the money, now don't judge me!. 

10. The ONE

I'm just going to leave this here - since I've mentioned in the beginning of this post that I don't believe in ''the one''. 

You can drop me a comment below and let me know if you disagree or if you believe in ''the one'' and why. 

Signing out 

Love is faith 

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Best Campaign Evuuur ---> Ballantine’s Presents Black Coffee’s Human Orchestra

This is by far the best thing I've seen on the internet today! Ooh, and this is my number one Black Coffee track.