Thursday, 21 May 2015

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Are you hitting the major life milestones on time?

Last night, after my young 4/20 session, I started thinking about all those "When I grow up I wanna be" plans, just to see if I'm still on track, to see if I'm still working towards "The dream" - as most black movies would put it LOL. I decided to go back and revisit my high school journals, varsity journals and my now "working class" journals and then I realised that I've actually been too hard on myself. Especially after reading this article / infographic about the major milestones in life and at what age to achive them. You can get the full article HERE!

*Side note, this is why I enjoy these 4/20 sessions - because they force you to introspect. Well, at least that's how "it" makes me feel. *Insert judgement here* and then move on cause I'm not bothered.

I'd love to share some of my bucket lists / future plans with you but I won't, cause I'm scared that I might jinx them. LOL, yes I take the "Work hard in silence and let your work speak for you" line very seriously.

However, I will share some of my major life milestones based on this inforgraphic, also because these are not so serious as the ones I have in my journals:

First kiss: I think I was still in Primary School or it actually might have been a little earlier than that *insert another judgement here* and move right along cause I'm still not bothered.

First full-time job: was at age 19, when I was doing my third year. And no, I'm not talking about promotions or being a promoter, I did that way earlier in life. Even as a kid, me and my cousin were the best hairstylists in our neighbourhood (story for another day).

Pass driving test: 20 years old. However, I failed both tests (Learners and driving) the first time around. But I still did it at age 20. *High 5s self*

First holiday with friends: age 23, okay the infographic seems to think I was too late on this one. But it's fine, at least I did it right? This is me, trying not to be too hard on myself again.

Buy first car: age 22

Move out: well at 22 (as the infographic states), I was moving back home, due to the fact that I couldn't afford rent and paying for a car. But, I moved out of home (again) at age 24, early this year.

First holiday with partner: I don't think the partner I was with at 23 was "holiday-with-partner" material LOL.

Be a bridesmaid or bestman: I was bridesmaid at my sister's wedding at age 23, so yeah, momma I made it lol.

Rent on your own: age 24... again, momma I made it.

Get engaged: Infographic says at age 25. I don't believe in marriage so, I' don't really care for this milestone.

Rent with partner: article says age 25. Also, not in my plans - so it's on to the next one.

Get married: Age 27... meh!

Buy first flat: Age 27 *moves on silently as I don't want to jinx it*

Have first child: Age 28... meh!

Buy first house: Age 29

Start earning average wage: Age 30 *moves on silently as I don't want to jinx it*

Have a second child: Age 31 - this really doesn't exist in my world.

Buy brand new car: Age 32 - don't really agree with this one.

Become a manager at work: Age 34, nah B*, 34 is way too old to be gunning for a management position. At 34, I wanna be travelling the world... retired, basically. Or perhaps this is me being hard on myself again. I'm really not winning at this life thing *deep sigh*

Think about starting a business: Age 35. This has been clouding my thoughts lately (at age 24), I think age 35 is when you need to be starting instead of just thinking... you know?!

Move to second house: Age 36. *don't want to jinx it*

Start enjoying two holidays per year: Age 36

Look at buying property to let: Age 39

Retire: 60... this is just plain B/S.

Are you hitting the major life milestones on time? Or perhaps the question should be, are you still on track with your life plans? Let me know by commenting on the box below.


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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

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Kwaito lives within SA youth - through this video. #ProudlySouthAfrica

Style Crushing on... Miley & Zoe at the Met Gala

Dear universe, can you please make sure I come back as Zoe Kravits in my next life lol. These two were my best dressed at last night's Met Gala. 

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