Thursday, 2 July 2015

Sponono Fierce breaks the internet

So, this happened last night while some of you were data-less, just kidding. It's this new "thing" that creatives do on Instagram called an Instabition... basically an exhibition but done on Instagram. This one here features my favourite, the most vibrant and fabulous, Sponono_Fierce! I get why he goes by that name now, I mean this shoot is all kinds of fierce! 

A little info about the Instabition: All denim inspired shoot titled #DoesItSuitMe. Styled and modeled by The Fierce one and Phindile Thengeni, who is also the brains behind this wonderful piece of art, shot by Liam Lynch

Sponono_Fierce ngwaneso,  you are amazing! You are going to cause havoc in this modeling world. #TheyWereNeverReady.


Signing Out 

Love is Faith 

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

#WCW Bonang Matheba: Style Evolution

For the past couple of weeks I've dedicated all my life to work, I know some of you think I've been avoiding you, especially those who've been sending me invites to parties / lunches / dinners / coffees e.t.c. and I declined, it wasn't by choice. I had to work... chasing that paper lol. So, this new project that I've been working on is / was fashion related and it required a lot of research, which was basically most of what I was assigned to do.

So, while I was doing the research I came across a lot of articles that were about "the evolution of *insert fashion item here* or *insert American celebrity* which inspired this post. Most of those articles were / are written for or about US or international figures, so I thought I'd bring it home, and look at one of the incredibly stylish women who most, if not all local girls look up to... including me.

She goes by the name Queen B, from back in the day when she was the Face of Legit to now... the Face of Revlon. Ladies, I mean we've all gone through the days of ama-razor-cut and one-hand-dresses and we even look at our old photo albums and think "mara, where were my friends when I looked like this?" lol, well, I know I've been there and I'm glad that phase has passed.

So, this post is basically to make you feel better about those old photos (don't burn them lol, it's just memories) and to say that even the Queen B (of Mzansi) herself has been there.


#ImUnableToCan! I'm sure Bonang looks at this picture and LOLs to death

2008 as the Face of Legit

Her make-up back in the day wasn't that bad though, especially when compared to the hair lol.

2009 on Drum Magazine (not cover thou)

Queen B got the World Cup fever!

2010 - Queen B or rather Zakumi
Spotted in a black-one-hand-dress back in 2010... her leg-game is totally on fleek though!

And then she was spotted at the Durban July in this purple... uhhhmmm I don't even know what to call it. Rumours have it that she was crowned Best Dressed that year at the July.


My ultimate favourite look of all Bonang's looks. This outfit right here is / was EVERYTHING!

2012 At the Yayoi Kusama-for-Louis-Vuitton
Bonang covers Elle Magazine and kills it!

2012 on the cover of Elle South Africa

Bonang break the internet!

2014 as seen on her Instagram
Therefore, my #WCW goes to the one and only South African "IT Girl"... Bonang 'Queen B' Matheba!

Signing Out

Love is Faith